Lichess Wiki


The staff are the users that can manage the wiki, the staff are Bureaucrats, Admins, Thread-mods, Rollbacks, Content-mods, and SOAP.


Admins are a 'great user' of the wiki, can delete walls, posts, make announcements, delete pages, block users, acces to the ThemeDesigner, rename pages and more.

Admins of the wiki: Sombra386, Impostor7804


Give this role to other is dangerous , bureaucrats can manage roles, can quit you the admin role , bureaucrat etc. If you are a founder of a wiki, is dangerous give bureaucrat role to other user because can quit administrator role, or block you. Ah, ¡yes! Bureaucrats can block users or IPs.

Bureaucrats: Impostor7804

Content/Discussions Moderators

  • Content:Can delete pages, rename , etc. The same permissions of a administrators but only in pages
  • Discussions: The same but in discussions

Content Moderators: Luna0921


The SOAP are an ''Anti-spam-vandalism users'' selected by FANDOM to moderate wikis to keep safe of vandalism and spam. Bureaucrats can't give role of SOAP to other user.

SOAP Users: Yuusuke Takazaki, I make userpages.

Members retired of the staff

Ex-role User Reason
Admin CHABULSQU1 Making cyberbullying in other wikis

Members of the Staff

Role User Reason
Admin Sombra386 Making advanced code editions in pages
Content Moderator Luna0921 Feature in the moderation of other wikis
Founder Impostor7804 Founder of the wiki.