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Don't confuse with Warm-up Titled Arenas

The titled arenas are a tournament exclusive , only for Titled Players (with a verified FIDE-Title.) can be, GM, NM, IM, CM, and more. Is a monthly tournament, but the Titled Arenas now are in parts: Chess960 Titled arenas, Blitz Titled Arena, and the common Titled Arena (Bullet). The podium of the first titled arena is: 1° GM DannyTheDonkey (Magnus Carslen) 2° GM Bombegranate (Fabiano Caruana) and 3° GM penguingim1 (Andrew Tang). The prize of the titled arenas are money (in dollars); $500/$250/$125/$75/$50


  1. Before, the tournaments were called according to the number, that is, the first titled arena is '' Lichess Titled Arena '' the other '' Lichess Titled Arena 2 '' the other 3 and so on, but now it is (for example) '' Titled Arena August 20 ''
  2. On this type of tournament, Lichess is are responsible of pay the prizes to the winners.
  3. Lichess always put in the blog announcing the winner of the Titled Arena ; example ''GM Hikaru Nakamura wins the Chess960 Titled Arena''
  4. The players with LM title can't join.

Short description[]

There are 2 Titled Arenas in each month where only titled players can join! Before the TAs start are TA Warmups. Everybody can join there and face the titled players.

Next TA Warmups[]

Bullet 2021/04/17

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Bullet 2021/04/17